The Ali and Nino is a prominent sculpture which was created by artist Tamara Kvesitadze to tell the story of love between a Christian princess and a Muslim boy who were forced to separate from each other during the Bolshevik invasion. Ali-_-Nino-1-IMG-TESTO

Every evening at 7.00pm, through a mechanism, the statues move towards each other, to join in a tender kiss and embrace. The movement lasts for 10 minutes and ends with the two merging bodies only to move away from each other once again.


Ali and Nino stand majestically along on the waterfront of the Batumi on the coast of the Black Sea in Georgia.

The monument commemorates the famous writer Kurban Said's novel "Ali and Nino: A Love Story," one of the most romantic stories of all time which talks about a love so strong, it is compared to that of Romeo and Juliet.  Young Azeri (Ali) falls in love with Georgian princess (Nino), but then dies to defend his country.

The work was designed in 2007, but only installed in 2010. Made of steel discs, it weighs 7 tons and is 8 meters high. Its construction took 10 months and both figures are controlled by a computer. In addition to the movement, the monument also features spectacular, colorful lighting.


The statues beautifully depict "the beginning and the end of a love story".